Frequently asked questions

Who will do the marketing?
We will be doing the marketing and advertising, inside and outside of PencilTree. If you want to do additional marketing for your own campaign, you are more than welcome to do so.
Do you run sales and promotions?
We use a points system which is different from sites like Udemy. The other sites devalue your work and your brand by constantly discounting your items, more or so on a weekly basis. The drawback with that method is that students get used to the sales price, and your courses end up losing their perceived face value. This is good for their business but bad for you.
By employing a points system we keep students engaged while maintaining the perceived face value of your courses. Students can earn points through various activities on our platform, and then they can redeem some of their points toward purchasing courses.
Why should people pay for courses if they know the course will be free soon?
  • Time is valuable: after a course reaches its target price, there will be a 10 month period before the course is marked as free. When people are interested to learn about something, they want it now.
  • A sense of goodwill: by purchasing a course, a person will share the benefits with millions of other people. It's a win-win situation for everyone.
  • Giving to the community: PencilTree is a community of users that share a vision. Contributing is also part of what makes a community a community. This is what we call “CrowdLearning”.
What are your fees?
We get 20% of the sales, but we’ll add our fees on top of the price that we have agreed. So if we have agreed to sell your course for $10,000, then we set the campaign to $12,000.
Can we start with a couple of courses and add more courses later? And can we remove courses if they are not doing well?
You can start with just one course. Yes, you can remove courses, but you need to remove them before the campaign has reached 40% of the target price. If it has crossed 40%, but campaign hasn’t seen new activity for a while, you can contact us and we can decide on the next course of action.
Can I still sell my course on other platforms? What is this non-exclusive distribution right?
Yes, Absolutely!

After your course has reached its crowdfunding target price on PencilTree, we'll obtain non-exclusive distribution rights to your course. This allows us to offer this course “free of charge” to our members on PencilTree. The non-exclusive distribution right pertains to PencilTree only. We will NOT assume ownership, nor we will be able to resell or rebrand your course. You will retain ownership of your materials, and you can continue selling your course on other platforms. However, there are two requirements 1- you cannot make your course available “free of charge” on other platforms (e.g. you can’t put it on YouTube), 2- you cannot pull your courses from PencilTree after we’ve acquired the rights.
How can I earn what I normally make in 3-4 years on other websites in 3 or 4 months with PencilTree?
You'll get the following benefits:

CrowdFunding - we employ crowdfunding strategy which will urge students to buy courses within a short amount of time and has an inherent snowball effect.
CrowdLearning - by contributing to a crowdfunding campaign, users earn points and credits toward their next purchase.
Do I get payment at the end of the crowdfunding campaign, or do I get monthly payment?
You will receive a monthly payment for any sales you make. If you make a sale, meaning someone pays for your course for the purpose of watching it, then that's your revenue and we will send you a check. That's similar to how you get paid on other platforms. However, If there were any donations, then you'll receive that portion only after the crowdfunding target price was hit.
Do you pre-purchase courses?
We do not pre-purchase courses. We employ CrowdFunding and CrowdLearning strategies that urge students to buy courses within a short amount of time and has an inherent snowball effect. So you should see fast results within months rather than years, but even so, we cannot guarantee it.